On Reinventing Yourself

If you keep doing what you always do, how are you supposed to get better?

Fear holds us where we are. Fear of change and the unknown, fear of failure.

The comfort of the familiar ties us down like a Lilliputian army. A million tiny threads, little voices and thoughts inside our heads that belittle us and tangle us up in our self doubt.

If you really want to be better, you have to be willing to do something extreme to send yourself a clear message. You need to redefine some parameters and set some new standards.

So make things different

Make ubtle changes to your day-to-day routine, your consciousness, the sensory input that you are so used to. For example:

  • change your cologne
  • change what you eat
  • change your environment
  • change your body

To send myself an unmistakable message about who I want to be, I am undertaking a physical challenge: to transform my body over the next month or so to the maximum possible extent.

You’ve done it too: you’ve watched a movie and imagined that you were as “whatever” as the characters portrayed. You think about having the same skill, the same physical prowess, the same financial success. But you never did the work, or allowed yourself to consciously grasp what it would really cost to have what you idealized.

So here’s what I am doing: I am challenging myself at the highest possible level.

Join me on the personal revolution. Challenge yourself to make a tremendously aggressive attempt at achieving a short- to medium-term goal. It could be fitness, financial, personal — anything you want.

Set yourself a challenge, and don’t play around. Treat this as though your life depends on it.

Prove to yourself that if this small challenge is possible to achieve … well, who knows what you might prove to yourself.

Join me on my personal revolution.