My Novels

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This page serves as a central hub from which you can read about (and of course, buy) each of my currently-available novels. I may also give some hints about works in progres.

Novels available at present

Timebomb ebook cover revised


  …Own the Kindle version or the paperback version.

This is a story about a man named Martin Short who has chosen to live a safe, conventional life. He has allowed himself to feel content for many years, secure in the certainty that he has made the right choices.

Martin’s life begins to unravel when a flamboyant Italian playboy named Giorgio moves in next door to him. His existence is a slap in the face for Martin, an undeniable example of happiness and joie de vivre.

Martin begins to become obsessed with Giorgio and starts to entertain paranoid delusions. He convinces himself that Giorgio is a malignant beast, plotting to destroy him. His orderly life starts to fall apart with hilarious consequences.

But underneath the funny lunacy of Martin’s irrational hatred for Giorgio lies a very serious problem. Something that Martin has locked up inside himself for a very long time. Martin has a secret so weird that he has managed to forget it.

Eventually, in the grip of madness, Martin decides that Giorgio must die. But Giorgio is not going to be easy to kill…


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